If there's anything that Emily Vasquez is not, it's modest. This girl knows she's got what it takes to compete -- and win -- 'The Glee Project' in order to earn her role on 'Glee' this fall.

"I can't believe … Okay, I can believe that I made it," Emily admits. The 22-year-old New Yorker has been performing for half of her life, and in addition to her confidence, she's got a drive to win that just won't quit.

"I can't wait for my name to be in lights and for my face to be on the big screen … Or the little screen if you have a small TV," the contender, who attended famed LaGuardia High School jokes. Though 'The Glee Project' competition is no joke -- next month, Emily will go up against 11 other eager contestants who are competing for a chance at fame.

Should Emily win, she'll find herself in a recurring role on 'Glee' -- and she thinks she can bring a lot to McKinley High's table. "I think I'm going to stand out because of my personality, and they're looking for that extra character to put on," she says. "I'm that little bit of cinnamon, that extra spiciness that the show can have."

Emily knows she's got the goods to offer, but that's not the best part of appearing on the new Oxygen series. "My strength, besides my looks, is singing," she spills. "I'm glad that I'm going to let all of my haters see me."

Tune in June 12 to see Emily and the gang go head-to-head on 'The Glee Project.'

Watch Emily Vasquez's Oxygen Contender Spot