If burning an ex's photos or trashing a collection of love letters isn't enough to mitigate the pain incurred in a breakup, consider going HAM on an antiquated TV set—it seems to have worked for Emily Vaughn.

The 20-year-old Florida-born singer's latest, "Better Off," is a smooth, slinky offering with traces of trillwave that sates as sweetly as a macaroon. But you wouldn't necessarily know it from a quick glimpse at the aggressive, take-no-prisoners video, which we're exclusively premiering above.

The clip vacillates between a pure, naive Vaughn, who's content frothing lattes at a local coffee shop (she told PopCrush the spilled java is a metaphor for getting burned), and a menacing, more sinister alter-ego who gets her kicks mangling flower bouquets. The deviation, she noted, represents a relationship unraveling in installments.

"There's no escaping the way you're making me feel / You say you love me / How come it never seems real?" she poses in the clip between shots that find her nodding along to a vinyl track and daydreaming atop a junkyard sedan.

Ultimately, though, the singer snaps, and her mood—like her formerly sunny tresses—becomes noticeably darker.

"I wanted to look a little bit crazy towards the end in all of the scenes, because that's what the kind of love I wrote does to you," she said. "By the end of the video, when all the scenes tie in with one another and I break the TV with the silhouette of my implied lost lover, I wanted that to symbolize the end of the confusion and brokenness, and moving on to find something better."

Get an eyeful of "Better Off" and hang tight for Emily Vaughn's EP!

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