Eminem was the center of a lot of controversy when the Recording Academy confirmed him as a performer at the 2001 Grammys. He had just unleashed his 'Marshall Mathers LP' to the world, with extremely violent and shocking songs like 'Kill You' and 'Kim' on the track list. After he was nominated for four Grammy Awards, people became outraged, and many slammed Em for being savagely misogynistic and homophobic in his lyrics.

Obviously, Eminem was sick of hearing all of the hate hurled his way, and when he stepped out on stage to rap his now classic track 'Stan,' he was ready to prove them all wrong. In a move that basically flipped the bird at all of the rapper's criticizers, openly gay rock legend Elton John joined Em to sing the chorus on 'Stan.'

At the end of the remarkable performance, the two men hugged, showing the world that music is an art form that doesn't always needed to be taken so literally, even when it does go to the extreme.