Eminem will release a new album, which is titled 'MMLP2,' on Nov. 5.

This HUGE news was revealed via an ad that aired during the VMAs and by a link sent out by his longtime publicist immediately after. So perhaps that's what Em meant when he Instagrammed a photo saying that he's back. He didn't need to show up in Brooklyn tonight (Aug. 25) in order to let the world know he's making his return to music!

Also, the new single 'Berzerk' is coming on Tuesday, Aug. 27.

There's a 16-second snippet that you can listen to above. It sounds a bit like the Beastie Boys with a gnarly guitar part. But what's most striking is the fact that Em is spitting his rhymes with the kind of venom, vigor and vitriol that we remember from when he burst onto the scene and just didn't give a f--k.

Granted, it's not even half-a-minute of music, but when it comes to Marshall Mathers, you can feel it from the first syllable that tumbles out of his mouth.

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