Lyrical freestyles, in which a rapper spits unconventional rhymes off the top of his head, is an art form in itself. But no one took the art of freestyling higher than Eminem and his motley crew of lyricists Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

As Shady 2.0, the rap group's cypher session was the most anticipated as legendary turntablist DJ Premier provided the old-school hip-hop beat for the boys to spit their fiercest rhymes.

Newly-signed Shady 2.0 member Yelawlof (aka White Dog) was up first as he speed rap his way through a flurry of verses that consists of N.W.A., gun talk, Adidas and Sprite. Then Joe Budden came through to disrespect other emcees spitting, "I ain't watching the throne, I'm sabotaging it." Whoa!

Crooked I represented the west with his drive-by rhymes, while Joell Ortiz gets on and spits this gnarly verse, "Skinny jeans don't mean yo a-- shoots, it just means your booty claps." Ouch! Then fellow Detroit emcee Royce Da 5’9" says "Hi" to Rihanna before demolishing the mic with cutthroat rhymes.

Finally, Eminem destroyed the entire BET Cypher session with his diabolical raps. Slim Shady spits, "You're about to see peace be destroyed / It'll never be restored / When I unleash these beastly hordes on your CD stores / Wanna stop it? You gonna need a priest, at least three swords / A license to ill from the Beastie Boys, three Ouija boards / A squeegee and please be warned, don't ask what the squeegee's for."

Game Over.

Watch the BET Hip-Hop Awards '11: Shady 2.0 Cypher' Video