A new video clip puts the spotlight on Nike sneakers designed by Eminem. The video, narrated by Slim Shady's manager, Paul Rosenberg, features footage of the Shady Sneaker Collection, on display at the Brisk Bodega.

Rosenberg describes each shoe as it appears on camera. One highlight is a blue and black Air Jordan that was created for the 'Encore' album. Rosenberg says only 150 pairs were made, which caused great consumer demand for the product. "This is one of the few remaining pairs we have," he says. "Don't ask me for any, cause I don't have anymore, except for my personal pair. And that's Em's last personal pair."

A red and black Jordan 2 design was released at the same time as Eminem's autobiography, 'The Way I Am,' and features his lyrics scrawled on the toe and ankle cuff of the shoe. The video also introduces two non-Nike sneaker designs. One is a black Converse high-top with the Bad Meets Evil logo, and the other is a Shady Records Vans slip-on.

Now those are some real pumped-up kicks! The display at the Brisk Bodega in New York is the latest partnership between Eminem and Brisk, who paired up for a Super Bowl commercial earlier this year.

Watch Eminem's Shady Sneaker Collection