Bad Meets Evil aside, Eminem is still trying to sort out his own evil inner-demons as a solo rapper. Em offers us a very dark look at his conflicted and twisted mind in his new video, 'Space Bound,' from his year-old Grammy-winning 'Recovery' album.

From the get-go, we can tell this video is going to stick around and haunt us long after the reel stops spinning. We see Slim Shady walking a hazy street alone, when a car pulls up and he jumps in the driver's seat. It's then that we notice he's not at all alone -- there's a girl in the passenger seat, played by porn famer Sasha Grey -- and another copy of Eminem in the backseat.

Of course, Marshall Mathers is not a twin, so it's easy to tell that he's lost his sense of reality in the 'Space Bound' video. When the trio pulls up at a diner, Em's girl gets out of the car and he follows behind her, but as soon as he sets foot inside the door, the screen splits into two. On one side, we see Slim alone at the counter, pounding out lyrics like the waitress is pouring coffee. On the flip, he's in a booth with his lady.

When the camera work goes back to one screen, Grey gets up to go to the bathroom and Em, in his insecure boyfriend way, checks her cell phone -- potentially revealing that she's been cheating. Somehow, in all of this, Em No. 2 is still at the counter as his other self follows her out of the restaurant and into her home.

Inside the dark house a fight erupts between the couple, but when Shady takes Grey to the ground with his hands wrapped around her neck, she disappears before his eyes. Unable to bear a life without her, the famed rapper pulls out a handgun, holds it to his chin, and pulls the trigger, sending a bullet through his brains and out of the back of his head in a very graphic, bloody scene.

Still, we're left wondering whether what we're watching really happened, and as things start to rewind quickly and the events play back backwards. We have to think, was Eminem's girl ever there at all? This one has thrown us for a loop!

Watch the Eminem 'Space Bound' Video