Lady Gaga's run as the living person with the most Facebook fans is over! Yesterday, Eminem unseated Gaga’s Facebook throne, garnering almost 29,000,000 Facebook fans. Gaga sat atop Facebook with the most fans for eight months before Em dethroned her.

Even though Em is the only living person with the most Facebook followers, he is still second to the late Michael Jackson, who has over 29.1 million fans. Despite his death, Jackson is the most friended person on the social networking site. According to stats by Fame Count, Em adds new fans at a clip of 546,000 per week, so he could veritably take the King of Pop's Facebook crown eventually.

Also this week, Eminem hit one billion views on YouTube and is only the third person to do so. His social networking nemeses Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are the only other people to nab that many eyeballs.