The internet meme is one of the biggest emergences of the digital era. Fans take photos or GIFs from popular movies or TV shows, slap some text on them and circulate them around the web ad nauseam. It’s a staple of online culture at this point, so celebrities probably have their own ways of avoiding their own memes, right?

Well, maybe, but they get difficult to ignore when your own friends and family start sending you GIFs of yourself like Emma Roberts’ do.

An interviewer from Yahoo recently asked Roberts if she knows that some of her onscreen performances have become popular memes online. Roberts is not only aware of their existence, but she’s often plagued by various GIFs of her face because her family and friends send them to her.

She said, "I always laugh because my really good friends, and even my sister, will send them to me and it always kind of embarrasses me. Like sometimes I’ll be having a conversation with my friends and if I’m annoying them, they’ll send me a meme of me and I’m like, 'That’s just rude.' So they basically just insult me with my own meme. They always send me the one from Scream Queens of me doing the pouty cry, like if I’m complaining to my friends they’ll send me that.”

Roberts also said she and the rest of the cast and crew of Scream Queens are often surprised by the clips that gain the most traction online. She said, “It’s so funny about the memes because when we’re shooting the show, we always try to guess what’s going to get GIF’d and we can never guess. Like some of the stuff we think is going to become a meme, it never does and then stuff that we’re just like, ‘Oh that’s funny but whatever,’ people become obsessed with."

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