Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are reportedly on a break, which means that love is dead and that it's true when Robert Frost said nothing gold can stay.

Yes, you read that correctly: One of our favorite, real-life Hollywood couples has officially taken a break, apparently due to distance. The good news? Emma and Andrew have reportedly not broken up and are instead just focusing on their own work projects for the time being. According to E! News, the last time the couple were seen in public together was when Andrew escorted Emma to a Fox Searchlight dinner honoring her movie Birdman.

E! News goes on to report that the two are still on good terms with each other and, as stated earlier, are not calling their break a break up (two very different things). It looks like things were just too hectic, work-wise, and they're being physically kept apart due to different projects. Another source says that the couple is not necessarily calling their separation a break, but that it is obvious they haven't been able to spend much time together as of late.

Andrew is currently working on the Martin Scorsese film, Silence, which is being shot in Taiwan and the movie isn't set to wrap shooting until May. Emma, meanwhile, has two movies coming out later this year -- the Cameron Crow directed Aloha which is due out in May and the Woody Allen film, Irrational Man, which is set for a July release date. Hopefully their break doesn't last too much longer!

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