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Emma Stone Fangirling Over the Spice Girls

Like the rest of us, Emma Stone was a child of the '90s. Unlike the rest of us, she is now is a world-famous movie star with a super hot, equally as famous movie star boyfriend. But does that mean she can't still squeal like a teenybopper when she gets the chance to interact with one of the Spice Girls, her favorite girl group ever? No, no it does not. In fact, Stone's adorable freakout (complete with "legitimate" tears) made us love her even more -- because we can sooo relate. I'd totally fangirl, too!

Beyonce + Jay Z's Visit to the Anne Frank House

Beyonce and Jay Z recently spent time at the Anne Frank House, the hiding place in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family famously hid from Nazi soldiers during WWII. After their visit, Beyonce posted somber pictures of herself at the museum, posing with photos and quotes from the courageous young Anne. In November, I had the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House myself, and the tour was a haunting, tearful and incredibly emotional experience that I will never forget. I genuinely appreciate the fact that Beyonce and Jay Z took the time to visit such an important piece of history while in the country for Beyonce's tour. Justin Bieber, who visited the museum in April 2013, received a lot of flack for his comments in the guestbook -- remarking that he hoped that Anne would have been a fan -- but I admire the fact that he visited the museum as well. It's always refreshing to see celebrities taking part in something bigger than themselves, especially when that something is of the utmost cultural significance.

Nun Singing Alicia Keys

When Sister Christina Scuccia belted out Alicia Keys' 'No One' during 'The Voice Italy,' there were a ton of reactions: the audience's, who loudly cheered her on; the judges' faces, whose mouths fell open the second they spun their chairs around and realized that voice was coming from a woman in a habit; and Scuccia's fellow sisters', whose sheer delight and excitement for their fellow bride of Christ was almost too much cuteness for me to handle. More than the performance itself -- which was pretty surprising, you know, coming from a nun and all -- I loved seeing the genuine joy on the sisters' faces as they watched Scuccia nail her performance. The excited gaggle of nuns were like a real-life 'Sister Act,' only the fact that they were real made them about a hundred times more adorable. Watch the incredible video above!