Enrique Iglesias takes to the road in the video for 'I Like How It Feels.' We ride sidecar with the Latin singer as he traverses the planet, entertaining his millions of screaming, rabid fans. It's actually more like a mini-movie than it is a music video. Iglesias often addresses the camera and candid, "fly on the wall" clips of him hanging out with Pitbull and other assorted friends while engaging in a little horseplay and after-hours fun are spliced in with the "day in the work life" footage.

There's tons of compiled footage of the singer as he does things like jet ski with his dog -- who is sitting in front of him with his paws on the handlebars -- and hanging out/playing stick ball with kids in small villages. Enrique is a man of the people.

Early on, Iglesias breaks the music video fourth wall and addresses the camera, saying, "It's like a war zone every time I leave the stage. It's this or this," as he lifts his shirt to reveal bruises, cuts and general forms of battery that his body sustains while performing. The music fades out several times while the singer chats with fans and friends, too.

There are several celeb guest stars, such as Ken Jeong, the Asian gangsta from 'The Hangover,' who likes to dance, as well as fellow Latin stunner Eva Longoria, who mouths the song's title seductively when the camera pans on her. It's not your average music video, for sure.

Stick around for the outtakes at the end. We love watching Jeong hump around. Enjoy! You will feel like a part of Enrique's entourage.

Watch Enrique Iglesias 'I Like How It Feels' Video