Scandinavian superstar Eric Saade has been making a big splash overseas during the last year with his hyped-up, euphoric dance-pop. Now, he's teamed up with icy pop-rap princess Dev for 'Hotter Than Fire,' the first single off his forthcoming album, 'Saade Vol 2.'

It's more of the crisply produced, club-friendly pop that Saade's become known for, with a thoroughly modern, David Guetta-lite house flair that would sound right at home in a stateside club. The lyrics are fairly conventional hot-girl-in-the-club stuff, albeit with slightly more elemental stakes: "She's cooler than ice / Flyer than wind / Hotter than fire."

Dev adds something special to the track, though — in the chorus, spacey beats and handclaps give way to her chilled-out vocals: "I say I'm flammable, I'm TNT, light it up," she coos over pummeling synths, before Saade jumps back in with his soaring refrain of, "She's hotter than fire."

The dashing Swede rose to prominence in a boy band called What's Up! before winning the Swedish song contest Melodifestivalen in 2011 and going on to represent his homeland in Eurovision, the annual pan-European music contest. (Kind of like if Justin Timberlake had won 'American Idol.')

This track definitely has more crossover potential than any of Saade's previous efforts if he intends to try to crack the U.K. or U.S. markets, and shows a clear evolution in his journey to a more globally palatable sound. We're stoked to see how Saade's star is rising. First Sweden — next, the world!

Listen to Eric Saade, 'Hotter Than Fire' Feat. Dev