Eric Saade was crowned the winner in yesterday's 'Sound Off' battle. The Swedish singer is now the reigning champ thanks to his song 'Hotter Than Fire,' which features guest vocals from 'In the Dark' hitmaker Dev. Now, Saade will take on newcomer Outasight and his track 'Tonight Is the Night.'

Saade's 'Hotter Than Fire' is dancefloor anthem with swelling synths and heavy, bumping bass. The track is definitely a feel-good tune that will get the party started, but then again, Outasight's 'Tonight Is the Night' has the same exhilarating qualities and is definitely an infectious sing-along. Cast your vote for your favorite song below!

Listen to Eric Saade, 'Hotter Than Fire' Feat. Dev

Listen to Outasight, 'Tonight Is the Night'

Rules of ‘Sound Off’:
There’s only one rule for our ‘Sound Off’ series: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight days, it is retired to PopCrush’s ‘Sound Off’ Hall of Fame. With tons of great tracks coming out everyday day, we have to give other artists a chance to win!