Erika Van Pelt was entirely composed when doing her 10 question exit interview upon being voted off of 'American Idol' his past Thursday (March 22.) She kept an upbeat attitude and is looking forward to the summer tour with her former castmates. We, on the other hand, were totally distracted by that massive spider-like ring on her finger.

Hair was a repeated topic during this six-minute chat. The newly-shorn singer, who cut her hair for her performance on the advice of this season's style advisor Tommy Hilfiger, revealed she will keep the close-cropped locks "for a little while" but she might switch up the colors. She also confessed that the judges were supportive, post-elimination, and that Heejun Han, who camped out in the bottom two with her this week, told her he loved her when she learned her fate.

EVP spoke about Lana Del Rey, whose pre-taped performance aired that night. "I love Lana Del Rey," she said. "She has this cool, haunting vocal ability that I love. I am into artists like Tori Amos and Bjork. I like that slightly out of the box, not-so-mainstream pop."

The singer was also asked about contestant Colton Dixon, the cute, resident rocker with the perfectly coiffed hair. She revealed that he takes about a half-hour to do his hair with a flat iron and that he is single, opening the floodgates of joy for the ladies who dig him!

Another nugget shared by EVP? Her fave song right now is Jessie J's 'Who You Are.' She also dished out mad props to her loyal fans –lovingly referred to as "Pelters"- for sticking by her during this chaotic journey, saying, "It's been a really hard road and roller coaster ride, but I am super grateful to have gotten this far."

How she got voted off is beyond us. We were bummed. But she'll hit the road on the show's tour this summer.

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