Top 24 'American Idol' contestant Erika Van Pelt impressed tonight with her version of  the Heart '80's classic 'What About Love.'  The 26-year-old blonde rocker started off strong in her lower register and nailed the big chorus.

Before performing, the South Kingstown, R.I. native showed off her family life and outgoing personality. We met various members of her family and even saw her ride a mini-bike around the neighborhood. Erika's day job as a DJ will surely help her rise above the other contestants this season.  Erika ended her clip from home saying, "I just want to be electric."

Erika fulfilled her own prophecy, holding a high note at the end of her performance that brought the crowd to its feet. The judges mostly agreed, with Steven Tyler calling her confidence "magical" and telling her he loved the way she "hit the notes."  Jennifer Lopez was less effusive in her praise, telling Erika she wanted her to push it even more. Jennifer did call her one of the "most powerful" voices of the season, though.

Randy Jackson made the boldest proclamation, comparing Erika to the one and only Adele.  While it seems a bit early in the competition to make such a statement, there there is no doubt she will one day be in the big leauges after performances like this.

Watch Erika Van Pelt Perform 'What About Love' on 'American Idol'