Erin Willett's strong voice has a sad story behind it. The curly-haired powerhouse revealed in her opening montage that her father (and her hero) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As a result, her rendition of the Jackson Five's 'I Want You Back' took on an alternate meaning: Instead of a lovelorn MJ begging his ex to take him back, Willett conveyed a daughter begging her dad to stay around.

Willett broke out into crowd work as soon as she hit 'The Voice' stage, urging the audience to get up. Whether or not they actually got up, they certainly got behind her, singing along and applauding for her wildly.

The judges weren't quite as visibly enthused as the crowd was. In the opening verse of the song, Christina Aguilera hovered her hand over her all-important red button, then snatched it away (What a tease!). Willett wasn't concerned about Xtina, though. Soon Blake Shelton slapped his own button and turned around with a huge grin. He clearly loved what he heard, clapping along and dancing in his chair for the duration of the song.

Though Shelton was the only judge to turn his chair, he certainly wasn't the only fan of Willett. "I love to see someone come out here with that level of talent ... you're clearly an amazing singer," Adam Levine told Willett.

Willett was flustered by the outpouring of praise from the panel, which Shelton cut pretty short. After all, he was the only one who chose her, making her decision for her -- something that he pointed out himself. "You have a great voice, the crowd loves you," Shelton said. "You're on my team whether you like it or not!" We think she'll like it just fine.

Watch Erin Willett Sing Jackson 5 on 'The Voice'