If you've been tuned into 'The Voice,' you know the heartbreaking story of Erin Willett, whose sweet father passed away after seeing her to the Battle Rounds. The curly-haired vocalist has said from the beginning that she's doing this for her dad -- she just wants to make him proud -- and we know he is after tonight's performance.

Erin laid down Stevie Wonder's 'Living for the City' during Monday's first Live Shows episode, and made it clear that her father's death gave her a fire to deliver 110%. Prior to showing us the goods on stage, Blake Shelton teased viewers, saying her number was "ridiculously good" -- even suggesting that she give him advice about his own music.

While we think he's set for now (Shelton snagged Male Vocalist of the Year at a country music awards show on Sunday night), we wouldn't hesitate to let Erin pass out tips. Once the curtain fell on the stage, we saw her seated at a piano, leading into the tune while live actors played out the lyrics around her.

Within seconds she was on her feet, fiercely growling out the lines with ease. Her unreal vocals filled the room, as well as all of the open mouths. If this performance was meant to make her dad proud, we feel it's a safe bet that he's beaming down on her.

Cee Lo said she was packed with charisma, while her coach for Team Blake said she was the "best technically and passionately vocal performance of the night so far -- across both teams," adding, "That's a fact." Even Christina Aguilera agreed.

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Watch Erin Willett Perform 'Living for the City' on 'The Voice'