Erin Willett set the mood and essentially brought down the house with her performance of 'Set Fire to the Rain' on Monday's 'The Voice' episode. Adele who? Just kidding, but Erin is good -- really good -- maybe even good enough to win.

Before taking the stage, the hopeful expressed that she doesn't feel like she could fit into the industry, but her coach, country music king Blake Shelton, said he couldn't disagree more -- and he would know better than anyone. After all, he had a mullet when he started dishing out the honky tonk hits.

Once on stage, Erin rocked her rendition of Adele's 'Set Fire to the Rain,' and we echo Adam Levine who said that it would make the British pop superstar proud. The set was quite literally on fire during Monday's live episode, and the hopeful stood tall in her shoes, clearly comfortable despite what she claims.

Willett, who recently lost her father, has been putting more heart and soul into her performances than her fellow contestants as of late, perhaps hoping simply to make dad proud ... by winning it all. Will she be able to do it?

Watch Erin Willett Perform 'Set Fire to the Rain' on 'The Voice'