The press has been dogging Taylor Swift for months with rumors that her relationship with young Conor Kennedy is a source of contention for his family -- but in a recent interview, his grandmother went out of her way to express her approval.

Asked by a WENN reporter how she felt about Swift purchasing a home near the family compound in Cape Cod, Kennedy responded, "I'm happy that we'll be neighbors. I'm thrilled."

But Kennedy wasn't finished singing Swift's praises. "She is just spectacular," she continued. "She is just sensational ... she's very kind. You know what she really is? She's game. She had never sailed before, she sailed. She had never gone dragging before, she dragged ... she played everything that everyone else was doing [with] no fuss."

Asked if the whole clan had basically fallen in love with Swift, Kennedy responded, "How could you not? I think the world has."

Ethel's public show of support for her grandson's relationship with Swift comes several weeks after Conor's uncle, former U.S. representative Patrick Kennedy, weighed in by saying, "If she wants to be in the family, she’s already a part of it."

Hopefully, this puts the rumors to rest once and for all, and frees up Swift to focus on the fresh reign of worldwide chart domination she's set to kick off when her new album, 'Red,' debuts on Oct. 22.

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