Evanescence are going back to basics on their upcoming third album, as evidenced by the self-titled name of the record and the just-unveiled cover art, which keeps things simple.

This is about as simple as album covers get. Well, that's not entirely true. It's not like the Beatles' 'White Album,' which had nothing more than the name of the band on a white background.

'Evanescence' is slightly more involved. First, there's the band logo, which has appeared on all of their albums to date. Behind the logo is a purple interstellar image, perhaps a distant galaxy.

And at the bottom of the cover is the band's name again, this time spelled backwards, in mirror-image fashion. You'll be able to hold the cover up the mirror and have the word display correctly -- now there's a reason to purchase the physical CD instead of the digital version!

'Evanescence' is the band's first album that does not feature singer Amy Lee on its cover. It's simple, but eye-catching, and we like it! The album comes out on Oct. 11. If you can't wait until then, check out the first single 'What You Want,' or watch for Lee's 'Halfway Down the Stairs' on the new Muppets album.