Evanescence will end a four-year drought of no new music this fall, when they release their self-titled album on Oct. 11 via longtime label Wind-Up Records. MTV got the skinny on the new album, which was recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville. The first single, 'What You Want,' will hit radio this summer in advance of the full-lenth's release.

"[Bassist] Tim [McCord] and [guitarist] Terry [Balsamo] and I wrote that song at my house in New York," ethereal, haunting vocalist Amy Lee revealed, illuminating fans about the somewhat spontaneous songwriting process for the song. "We were just jamming, like, recording demos, and obviously the song has grown a lot since then, with everyone else."

Lee continued, "For me, it was — and I need to remember this, so I can apply it in the future — it wasn't trying so hard to be some epic, massive chorus. I was just doodling around on the piano and the guys were like, 'Do that. Whatever you just did, that's an awesome melody.' And I was like, 'Really?' Sometimes you just need your friends to be like, 'Do that!' "

After Lee "did that," the song took shape. It's a weighty song, as the subject matter reflects a constant theme on the album, which is interesting, since the membership in Evanescence has been revolving door, with Lee remaining the constant. She revealed that the song is "about freedom — that's definitely a constant theme on the record — but, it's like Evanescence, and me, and my relationship with the music and the fans, and coming to that [realization] of  'This is what I'm supposed to do ... I want to do this.' And when it says, 'Remember who you really are,' that's exactly everything you could assume it means."

Lee also confirmed that the band is playing rock music, happily. She said, "It rocks, and not that there's nothing going on that does, but less and less; that's definitely not what's dominating the airwaves. And it would be so amazing and it's totally our dream to have that happen for us; not even just for us, but, like, we want to hear rock music again."

Aside from rocking with a capital "R," Lee is confident that the playing on the eponymous album is superior. "Everybody's just playing at the top of their game right now, they're just putting it all in ... And it was, like, that mentality the whole time we were working. Like, whatever it takes to make the most amazing thing possible," she said.

We'll await amazing ,which will come when 'What You Want' finally arrives.

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