Girl power! Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has labeled her band's self-titled third album as "aggressive and strong and confident and empowering." In a recent chat with Loudwire, the dark-haired, gothy goddess with the almost operatic voice used those four adjectives to describe the album, bolstered by the single 'What You Want.' Lee clearly goes after what she wants, and she hopes that it translates to her legion of fans!

"I hope that it comes across that way," she said, about the strong words used to describe the platter. "That’s what it is for me. When I listen to the record, I feel really good. We play the record live and I feel happy, and the way that I’m having fun is not desperate, it’s confidence and empowerment." That's the true redemptive power of music, for sure.

Lee always wants the fans to get as much out of the music as she puts into it. "I hope that always, with each record, the people are hearing a clearer picture of my heart. I always do, I’m always trying to make it more, and bigger, even more of myself, things I haven’t said before, just a bigger spectrum of ideas and emotions and sounds," she explained. "I think this record is really empowering actually. It’s full of moments of talking about being lost or even hopeless. But at the same time, after all of that, the true spirit that I hope everyone can hear is that I believe that there’s a better outcome and I’m always searching for the answers."

If that's not comforting for the millions of average listeners who are dealing with similar issues, we don't know what else is! Amy Lee is on your side and battling the same problems!