It's no secret that Nicki Minaj has some issues with Lil Kim. Their rap feud has been ongoing since the two rivals started snipping at each other on songs back in 2010. Recently, fellow female rhyme-slinger Eve weighed in on Minaj and Kim's long-standing beef with each other.

The "pitbull with a skirt" MC feels that their feud stems from today's rappers not paying respect to the veterans who paved the way for them. "It's not about publicity. It's about wanting that respect," Eve explains to BET. "I think maybe that’s where Kim is coming from, like, you’re doing your thing right now and no one can take that away from you. Nicki -- we all see it -- but at the end of the day, if it wasn’t for Kim, she wouldn’t be here and that s--- is real."

Eve may have a point. Kim is a veteran MC who was once one of the top female rappers in the game. At the very least, Minaj she should give a hat tip to Kim as opposed to dissing her on songs. At the same time, it would be great to see these two patch things up and record a hot track together... But we are not holding our breath.

The Minaj and Kim feud started back in 2010 when the 'No Time' rapper dropped the diss song, 'Black Friday.' Since then Kim has taken pot shots at the Harajuku Barbie whenever her name comes up. Minaj has fired back with several lyrical disses at Kim on such songs as 'Roman Reloaded' and 'Stupid H--' from her No. 1 album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.' In the end, can we all just get along?

What do you think? Should Nicki Minaj pay "respect" to Lil Kim instead of dissing her? Tell us in the comments below.