When Pop-rock artist Pink wrote and recorded her latest single 'F---in' Perfect,' she apparently had more on her mind than just addressing social issues and building awareness. "I almost feel like 'F---in' Perfect' must have been recorded when she had baby fever," Pink's long-time creative collaborator and music director Dave Meyers tells PopCrush.

So when Pink elected Meyers to direct the paired music video, Myers took that into account. "That's where the ending of the video came to me. I just sort of imagined that Pink would have made this for her daughter. I don't know what she's having, but if she had a daughter, this would be a record that would be sung to her and would be something that Pink would wish on her daughter, [that is] to not have to have the same struggles [Pink] had or if she does, [to know] that [she's] still perfect in the eyes of a mother."

In the 'F---in' Perfect' video, the narrative flashes back to a young girl's life and spans to adulthood, with actress Tina Majorino playing the young mother. A worn teddy bear remains the symbolic constant in the video, shown with the little girl and finally with Majorino's grown up character, who places it on her child's bed.

Meyers channels his own parental experiences as well in the video: "The bouncy house (inflatable moonwalk) where the girl is looking across the street … That scene happened in my life with my daughter where the neighborhood kids had a party and they didn’t invite her. That was sort of the beginning of me with this story and I attached it to some issues -- like bulimia and scarring and self mutilation and all these things."

"It took on self-esteem, like women struggling with self-esteem and beauty that's put on from the very start," he adds. Still, Meyers is looking forward to collaborating more with the soon-to-be mother. "I joked with [Pink] that I can't wait to see what records come with motherhood," he says. "I’m sure there'll be a whole load of new records once she has the baby, talking about that."

The 31-year-old recording artist and motocross racer Corey Hart will welcome their first child later this year. Pink announced her pregnancy Nov. 17 on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'