Fall Out Boy have released the lead single from their upcoming sixth untitled studio album. The song, titled 'Centuries,' debuted on BBC Radio 1 earlier today, Sept. 8, and will be available to download on iTunes tomorrow.

'Centuries' borrows a sample and hook from Suzanne Vega's '90s hit 'Tom's Diner.' In an interview with KROQ, Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump revealed how 'Tom's Diner' made it into the track.

“It was something that kind of came up between us and JR, who produced the track,” explained Stump. "I feel like it was so ubiquitous when we were kids. I mean, that song was absolutely everywhere and it just kind of disappeared. I haven’t heard it in a minute. And I was like that’s a shame. That was such an amazing song. I would love for that to get some kind of tip of the hat."

Band member Pete Wentz added, “It seems very right for the picking, right? To me, what people are thinking about what culturally, are so into right now. You’ve got 'Girl Meets World' on TV, like it just feels like, pick it off.”

Click on the player above to listen to 'Centuries.'

Meanwhile, the band remains coy as to when the album will be out, although in an interview with Rock Sound, Wentz gave a timeline of early 2015.