One clever young lady decided to punk her family not by getting a bunch of fake tattoos and face piercings, but by replacing all of their cherished photos with pictures of Kanye West frowning and looking mad and/or upset. She shared her creative art project with her Twitter followers.

There is no shortage of images of Yeezy scowling and looking rather unhappy on the web, so her task was not tough.

Buh-bye baby pictures, snaps of the children perched on Santa's lap and photos that forever captured vacation memories. Hello, Yeezy!

Check out her handiwork, via her tweets, below. And thanks to our friends at Death and Taxes for pointing this out and making us giggle on a Friday AM.

It's a Yeezy takeover, complete with his intense, serious stare.

It took her family several days to figure it out. Now that's something we wish she'd have captured on video.

Oh, and for the record, Yeezy does, in fact, smile. See evidence below. He has a nice grin. He should use it more, but then again, it wouldn't be as funny as a family photo replacement.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images