There are many ways to display your love for a pop diva like Beyonce, like buying her albums, purchasing concert tickets or espousing your love for her in blog posts.

However, this one particular mulleted fan is demonstrating his love for Mrs. Shawn Carter with this ankle length, white t-shirt, which features a portrait of the Queen Bee's face -- her hair blown back and teased high at the crown. The t-shirt can't really be classified as pop art, even though it's really trying.

In fact, the tee is so long that it's essentially a shirt-dress -- and we've see Bey herself wear fashion-forward shirt-dresses in her day- but it's anything but fashionable.

The fan -- or fashion victim, depending on your perspective -- pairs white high-topped sneakers with his homage to Beyonce. If you are going to pull this look off, you better be wearing a smile but this particular "fan" looks so sad. It's not like he's a girl who is concerned about his ensembles.

Or maybe he is. Maybe he lost a bet and the result was being forced to don this shirt-dress festooned with Beyonce's lovely face? Could it be a dare?

Whatever the case and circumstances, perhaps cutting a few feet off the bottom and ripping the collar so it hangs off the shoulder might make this shirt more fashionable. Even shrinking Beyonce's head by several inches would be an improvement. Look at us, playing fashion stylist for this lost soul. Maybe we can get a job as Rachel Zoe's assistant next? At least we'd be on her Bravo TV show.

We love Beyonce. She's a head turner... A goddess. A queen, even. There are few more beautiful than she. But this shirt is just plain hideous.

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