We crush pretty hard on some of our favorite celebs, but is our affection worth $23,000? One man attending a charity auction in Switzerland decided the answer to that question is "yes" -- at least when it comes to ‘Glee’ actress Dianna Agron.

Dianna was in attendance at ASmallWorld’s event, and the actress auctioned off a kiss on the cheek to the highest bidder – all for a good cause. Several attendees got into the bid war, which ended up going to one attendee for a staggering $23,000.

“The winner was a gentleman who was there with his girlfriend,” one attendee told E! News. “It was very innocent and in the name of charity auction.”

While you may not be able to shell out that kind of money for a kiss from Dianna, you can see her soon on the final season of 'Glee,' which premieres on Jan. 9. Dianna and fellow ‘Glee’ alum Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch will all make appearances for the show’s final bow.

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