Beyonce may not be handing out photo passes to the press on her latest tour, but don't worry -- we're still going to be seeing plenty of pictures from the shows.

While they aren't equipped with the fancy telephoto lenses of their professional counterparts, fans are showing up to Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show Tour with smartphones in tow, and -- as they did following her London performance on Monday (April 29) -- flooding their favorite social media sites with pictures of the 'Bow Down' singer in action.

As the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph notes, the tour's "photo ban" appears to be the latest round in a war Beyonce's been waging with the press since February, when her management tried to have "unflattering" photos of her Super Bowl performance wiped out. Perhaps as a way of preventing something like that from happening again, Beyonce has deigned to release no more than a handful of officially approved images from each Mrs. Carter Show gig.

The Telegraph's report points out that tickets for the London show prohibited cameras or recorders, but added that the venue, the O2 Arena, allows compact cameras as part of its standard policy -- and Beyonce's team solicited fan photos, asking audience members to use the #mrscarterinlondon hashtag so they could be featured on her 'Beyhive' blog.

The result? Thousands and thousands of photos from the show on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Of course, some of them are about as blurry as you might imagine if you've ever tried using your phone to take a picture in a low-light situation, but others are surprisingly clear -- and flattering.

Perhaps Beyonce is on to something here?

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