Sounds like this is becoming a pattern! Demi Lovato once more lost some locks after fans went nuts mobbing her at the airport in Argentina. What is with all the hair pulling?!

A fan tweeted a photo of a handful of hair, with the caption (translated from Spanish), "can not believe I have Demi Lovato's hair is perfect fdfcfdldf am in shock." Yikes!

The incident follows a similar situation in Venezuela, in which fans pulled Lovato's hair despite her having a slew of bodyguards to keep her safe. What is the deal with this? Are Lovatics making voodoo dolls or something? So creepy!

Lovato's been having a blast on her South American tour even though she's been losing weaves left and right. She hit the beach in a teeny weeny bikini in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and hosted a Q&A with fans during a recent sound check.

Since she's become a full blown superstar, it makes sense that Lovato has had to boost her security. Check out the video of the pandemonium that ensued as the 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer left the airport in Argentina -- even flanked by guards, it gets pretty scary!

Watch Demi Lovato Get Mobbed at the Airport