Far East Movement and Justin Bieber's collaboration, 'Live My Life,' is one of the highest anticipated tracks of 2012 -- and now it's here in full. Does it live up to the hype?
For the most part, yes, but not because of any one collaborator on the song.

Musically, it's standard fare from producer RedOne. The beat is infectious and you can't help but dance to it. However, part of what makes it so danceable is the fact that it's so familiar that even the shyest of wallflowers may feel at home with it.

The track is also the usual material we'd expect from Far East Movement, whose subject matter ranges from popping bottles to dancing to sipping sizzurp in their rides. It's another song about getting buzzed and dancing up a storm. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but considering they're going out on a limb by getting a 17-year-old pop star to sing the hook, we thought the subject matter may be a bit more youth-oriented -- or at least a little more creative. Let's hope they have designated drivers -- or maybe that's what Bieber's for, since he can't drink legally yet anyway. We're onto you!

Speaking of Biebs, his vocals are solid and mature. They compliment the beat and are a great foil to the somewhat repetitive nature of Far East Movement's raps -- though it's a group of emcees, their voices are all so similar that Bieber's hook is the only truly distinct vocal on the track.

That said, 'Live My Life' is actually a great dance song. Consider the whole much greater than the sum of most of its parts.

Listen to Far East Movement, 'Live My Life' Feat. Justin Bieber