Far East Movement want a 'Candy' girl on their latest track, which surfaced online today. The song features rapper Pitbull and expands on the club-ready electro buzz the group has perfected.

The group tosses in double entendres and pop culture references in their attempts to woo a hot girl: "The way that you've been runnin' through my mind/ Mess around and pull a hammie, girl / Tryin' to get them panties, girl / Hotter than a beach in Miami, girl / And I gotta press my luck cause 'round here's big money, no whammies, girl."

Most of the music is computer-generated, but a blast of percussion, including bongo drums, enters the mix just before Pitbull makes his guest appearance. He offers an innuendo-laden verse and repeats the phrase, "Girl, let me see what you got / Now shake that thang."

Then the Far East Movement jump back in, rapping, "I like the way you move it, mama / Wanna see you in them pajamas / Let me wrap this thing around your neck, yeah baby let me Mardi Gras ya / Wanna put my body on ya / Break through that body armor / Keep it presidential, you could be my first lady, I'll be Obama."

With a bit of a tribal edge added to the band's high-energy dance template, 'Candy' sounds like another potential hit. The song is most likely targeted for the Far East Movement's next album, 'Dirty Bass,' which also includes their collaboration with Justin Bieber, 'Live My Life.'

Listen to Far East Movement's 'Candy' Feat. Pitbull