Ariana and the Rose, a born and bred New Yorker, recently blogged exclusively for PopCrush about her experiences taking in the shows and performing at New York Fashion Week. She also hit up the festivities in London.  

The infinitely stylish singer, who epitomizes downtown NYC cool with her look and her electro synth pop sound (think Lana Del Rey x Regina Spektor x LaRue), is back with her second of two blogs. Here, she wraps up the happenings at Paris Fashion Week.

Pull up your runway-side seat for her recap -- both photo and written -- of her experiences.


So, here’s the thing about Paris: No matter how many times I visit, no matter if it’s freezing winter or blazing summer, no matter how many waiters are rude to me, this city is pure magic. Couple this magic with runway shows and chocolate croissants? Heaven.

Paris was my third and final fashion week stop and as much as I love New York and London, Paris was really what I was looking forward to. I didn’t perform in Paris so my voice got a break, but my feet definitely did not, as I refused to wear flats.

Ariana and the Rose

I’ve read tons of fashion blogs and perused countless photos of effortlessly dressed women leaning on mopeds and strolling through The Tuileries. Now, I was literally getting to have that same experience, minus the moped.

Ariana and the Rose

What is most distinctive about Paris Fashion Week, from the shows themselves to the attendees, is the fact that everything is so very chic, so effortless yet full of art. My favorite of the shows was Issey Miyake, who collaborated with musician Ei Wada to use his innovative music stylings; he uses cathode-ray tube television screens to create sound, as a sound scape for Miyake’s architectural silhouettes. The whole show was simple and exciting as both artists jumped outside the traditional runway box; Miyake [was] sending models down the runway in multiple rows and zig-zags and Wada playing television screens to a drum loop. As a musician, I was inspired.

Ariana and the Rose

I spent the rest of Paris Fashion Week getting to wear my favorite pieces (there was a vintage Prada cape involved) and attend events of some of my favorite designers, including an event at the Moncler store, which is filled with fur clad mannequins and a surprisingly wearable boot collection.

Ariana and the Rose

I finished my dream week with a day off, and a Sunday stroll through one of Paris’ famous flea markets, where I found some amazing vintage jewelry treasures. I felt like I was in a movie. The epitome of a cliché, an American in Paris and I loved every minute of it.