It's a good thing A$AP Rocky has Chanel Iman around to keep him happy, because he got some bad news this week. The 'Goldie' rapper has been removed from the York Festival lineup in light of assault charges stemming from the Made in America Festival over Labor Day weekend.

TMZ reports that the pretty motherf---er got into a situation that wasn't so pretty at the Jay-Z founded Philadelphia festival. Apparently a bunch of girls in the crowd were grabbing at and pulling Rocky's shirt, and he allegedly slapped one of them, a young mom named Lisa Wade.

Wade filed a report with the district attorney, claiming she was injured and suffered whiplash from the slap. the D.A. reviewed the evidence and charged Rocky with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

While the charge sounds more like a headache than anything else -- for both parties -- it also cost the A$AP Mob leader a gig at the York Festival in Toronto, with organizers telling TMZ, "The event cannot proceed until this matter is resolved." The student organization did note, however, that they're not assuming Rocky is guilty.

Perhaps as a distraction, Rocky has been hitting up New York Fashion Week with his supermodel girlfriend, even rocking matching gold grills in the front row. Too cute!

Craig Barritt, Getty Images
Craig Barritt, Getty Images