Happy birthday, Adam Lambert! While we're sure the 'For Your Entertainment' hit maker has some big plans for his 31st birthday today (Jan. 29, 2013) -- that is, on top of holding a huge birthday collection for charity -- we wanted to help his fans get into the celebrating spirit by counting votes for your favorite Adam Lambert music video.

In 2009, after he placed second during the eighth season of 'American Idol,' Lambert was recruited to record a song for the sci-fi thriller '2012,' entitled 'Time for Miracles.' The post-apocalyptic clip finds Lambert singing emotively in a wasteland of fire and destruction, a theme that obviously reflects the nature of the film.

Shortly after 'Time for Miracles,' Lambert was able to experiment more with his videos, catering more to his own tastes when it came to the visuals and concepts. In late 2009, he dropped clips for two singles off of his debut album, 'For Your Entertainment' and 'Whataya Want From Me.' The first finds Lambert getting down and dirty at an underground, leather-fraught dance party, showing off some dance moves and getting frisky with party goers. The latter takes a much more intimate approach, with the camera taking on a first-person role of Lambert's lover as the two go to war with each other and try to cling to those warm feelings that brought them together.

Later on, Lambert released 'If I Had You,' which has a much lighter feel than his previous clip. He's got his boots on and the right amount of leather as the eyeliner-loving, fashion icon fiercely struts through the woods towards a wild party. It's like he's a wild party animal in his natural habitat of glitter, feathers, strobe lights and pulsing beats.

We love seeing Lambert cutting loose in his more high-energy music videos, but we also love that he can turn it down and get it tune with his more creative side, like he did with 2012's 'Better Than I Know Myself.' The clip finds Lambert engaged in a personal tug-of-war between his dark and lighter sides. In some parts, we see a yellow-eyed Lambert clad in all black, drinking and looking like a tortured soul -- in others, he's pictured in a warmer light, without all of the makeup and blackness, writing songs and appearing much more content.

Finally, there's Adam Lambert's most recent music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes,' which is his most cinematic clip to date. With a plot that weaves a tale of drone-like youngsters, whose minds are being warped by drugs and the evil forces holding them captive, Lambert takes it upon himself to break from the routine and confines of his robotic dungeon. After being able to escape the mind control that has rendered his peers numb, he leads somewhat of an uprising, sprinting past the gates and towards freedom.

Now that we've given a recap of all of his music videos, be sure to click through the links and watch them to decide on your favorite. Vote for Adam's best video below and wish him a "Happy birthday!" in the comment section!

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