If you look at any one of her music videos, it's clear that Christina Aguilera loves color. Her latest clip for 'Your Body' has a wide variety of rainbow pastels, and older videos like 'Candy Man' and 'Come on Over' also contain vibrant, eye-catching hues. But videos aren't the only way Xtina shows off her love for all things bright. She also has sported a myriad of hair colors over the years, from her signature bleach blond hair to playful dip-dyed colors. But which color is your absolute favorite?

Lately, 'The Voice' coach can be seen rocking some fiery red tips on her bleach blond hair. She transitioned to this dip-dyed color gradually by first incorporating some pink into her already purple-streaked hair, which looked fab and can be seen in her 'Your Body' video. Before she incorporated these bright pops of purple, pink and red into her hair, Aguilera had been rocking the bleach blond solo for quite some time. She always looks great with blond hair, whether it's longer locks or a short bob, so this hue has kind of become her go-to shade.

Back in the day, Christina Aguilera also took some daring risks with her hair color, particularly when she went a lot darker. In 2004, Xtina chose to ditch the blond hairstyle that she rose to fame with for something a little edgier and totally out of the box -- jet-black hair. Before that, she did the same thing she did in 2012 by gradually introducing the color into her hair with streaks of black.

Which color looks best atop Christina Aguilera's head? Take a look at Xtina's hair colors from over the years and vote on your favorite below!

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