Katy Perry is almost as well known for her creative and unique music videos as she is for her actual music! The songstress has churned out all different types of visuals to accompany her songs, from the creepy alien theme in 'E.T.' to the candy land she created for her 'California Gurls' clip. So, out of her 10 most memorable music videos, which one is your favorite?

Could it be the moving and inspiring video for 'Firework'? Or maybe you prefer Katy as the nerdy Kathy Beth Terry in her 'Last Friday Night' video? 'Teenage Dream' is another great one, since it feels like you're watching a coming-of-age romance film. 'The One That Got Away' is another cinematic clip where Katy looks back at her long lost love, while 'Hot N Cold' is a laughable and fun video about Katy getting ditched at the alter. 'Waking Up in Vegas' is an epic party on the strip, while 'I Kissed a Girl' (which features Kesha in the clip!) is a sexy clip with lots of lovely ladies. Finally, in 'Ur So Gay,' Katy tickles our funny bones with Barbie and Ken doll reenactments.

Out of the videos listed below, which Katy Perry music video is your absolute favorite? Click on the links above if you want to check out the videos to refresh your memory, as well!

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