Happy Easter, pop music lovers! Although many pop singers are often heard singing about love and having a good time in the club, there are a few artists who have released inspiring songs about holding on to your faith and using it to get through the hard times. We've picked five religious pop songs and we want you, the PopCrush readers, to vote on which is your favorite.

Justin Bieber has always been a devout Christian, and his song 'Pray' reflects his love for "the Man Upstairs." The Fray's 'You Found Me' also has clearly religious lyrics -- they are especially real since they're about someone hitting rock bottom and losing faith before they see the light.

Of course, this poll wouldn't be complete with the neo queen of worship, Jennifer Hudson, whose song 'You Pulled Me Through' is all about finding comfort and peace in the arms of God. Similarly, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's duet 'When You Believe' is also about having your faith help you make the most of life. Finally, this list wouldn't be complete without the Joan Osborne's contemplative reimagining of God as a human walking among us in the hit '90s song 'What If God Was One Of Us.'

Take a listen to the five songs we've selected and cast your vote for your favorite religious pop song below!

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