On the set of their video for 'Y.U. Mad', Lil Wayne and Birdman acknowledged that Nicki Minaj wasn't present -- but the "Female Weezy" was.

Rocking sagging skater pants, panda sneakers, a white tank, and blonde and pink dreadlocks, Minaj granted an interview as Lil Wayne and never broke character -- although, if you watch closely, she did almost break out into a giggle once.

The Female Weezy dismissed most of her questions, including what inspired the blonde and pink hair. "I am inspiration," she says. "Can't nothin' [sic] inspire me."

Minaj smokes in the video and brought almost every topic back to talking about "the skateboard in the backyard" and her hero. "Tupac is my hero," she mumbles. "That's why I got a tattoo on my stomach."

Check out the bizarre full length video below and tell us what you think of the Female Weezy -- she seems to have captured the enigmatic Lil Wayne well!

Watch the Full Interview with the Female Weezy