On 'A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got),' Fergie teams up with Goonrock and rapper Q-Tip for a song that combines everything anyone knows and loves (or loathes) about the Peas with a bit of jazz.

Fergie delivers jazz-inflected, lounge-style vocals along with a saxophone, soon accompanied by GoonRock's addition of synths for the hook. During the verses, it's back to jazz, but the beat stays. After a frenetic bridge, Q-Tip enters with his rap, but then Fergie takes over once more. The track alternates styles in terms of production, flow and distortion, but given the '20s setting, it makes sense with the film.

And (spoiler alert!) let's be real -- a little party can kill somebody if they're not careful.

It's the latest addition to the soundtrack, scored by Jay-Z, which also features Beyonce and Andre 3000 teaming up for a cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black,' 'Young + Beautiful' by Lana Del Rey (which you can preview here) and contributions from Florence + the Machine, Jack White and more. The soundtrack hits shelves May 7. 'The Great Gatsby' will grace screens on May 10.