Two dudes are lost and wandering the deser and see a mirage -- a Fiat car filled with babes -- in the Fiat 500L commercial. They keep walking. They see Diddy in a Fiat, and he offers them some water, but they don't believe what they see or hear. But we hear a song playing at the Diddy-hosted, chick-and-water desert party upon which the wanderers eventually stumble. What is it?

No, it’s not a Diddy track. It's Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' from the 'Despicable Me 2' soundtrack, which is also nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. Williams will perform the track at the Academy Awards on March 2.

The commercial is funny, since it challenges the notion that Fiats are compact cars without four doors or a lot of room, which immediately makes the desert dwellers suspicious. The Fiat 500L is roomy -- and no, that is not a mirage or a figment of the imagination.

Seeing is believing. Plus, anytime Diddy gets in on the action, it's always a good time.