Still sad about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction? You're not the only one! Fifth Harmony responded to the singer's decision to part ways with 1D.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the ladies — who, like One Direction, came together on X Factor — spoke as true fans.

"Obviously, we're saddened," Lauren Jauregui said. "Like Camila [Cabello] always says, it's the end of an era. One Direction was a huge phenomenon, but we definitely 110 percent respect Zayn and his decision because health and happiness come first, always."

"We support you, man!" Normani Kordei added. "We support you!"

When Frankie Grande asked the group who they think should replace Zayn, they all chimed in together: "Nobody!"

Mad props to Fifth Harmony for their eloquent and heartfelt response. It's clear they're just as invested as Directioners but can empathize with Zayn's side of things.

5H aren't the first celebrities to address Zayn leaving One Direction. Last week, Justin Bieber was caught on camera moaning "Nooooo!" in response to the news, while Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer succinctly said, "I wish him all the best. I hope… if that’s a choice he wanted to make, you know? I hope everything goes well.”

While the exact reasons Zayn left the band range from him claiming 1D is "not real to me anymore," to fiancée Perrie Edwards pressuring him to quit, to him wanting to pursue a solo career, Naughty Boy dropped a demo for Zayn's song "I Won't Mind" on March 30. The internet promptly exploded, with Directioners both loving the song and expressing anger at Zayn for misleading them.

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