Fifth Harmony are performing on the Hub Network's First Annual Halloween Bash, which is a 50-state costume competition that airs Saturday, Oct. 26 at 8PM ET on the kid-and-family-friendly network.

PopCrush spoke to all five of the ladies, and while they would not reveal what costumes they themselves would wear while performing, they did hint that their look would be unified and make them "click as a group." They also revealed their favorite Halloween candy; what someone dressing up as a member of Fifth Harmony for Halloween would need to incorporate into their costume; and more!

You gals are used to performing on TV, thanks to your 'X Factor' history. So let's discuss something more important. Since it's Halloween, will you be wearing costumes while performing at the Hub bash?
Normani Hamilton: You bet we will wearing costumes! We have something spooky planned. It is going to be cool event. It's the first-ever and it'll be cool. Plus, it's extra cool for us, since we are away from home and don't get to have a real Halloween.

If Fifth Harmony fans wanted to dress up as the band for Halloween, what would they have to incorporate into their costumes to be "right on" when representing you?
Dinah Jane Hansen: My hair is super thick, so [the hair would] have to be all out, looking delicious. And [they'd have to be] wearing swagged out clothes, and they have to be wearing heels. I wear heels everywhere, even if I was walking down a mountain.
Lauren Jauregui: A leather jacket. And a beanie.
Normani: There would have to be some type of sparkle on their body and they'd have to have their nails done. They would have to have crazy nails.
Camila Cabello: They would have to wear a bow!!
Ally Brooke: Probably [something] neon. They would have to wear neon or a fedora, or something short, a skirt or a dress.

What is your favorite Halloween candy of all time?
Camila: KitKat.
Ally: I love Snickers!!
Nomani: Gummy worms, or something sour.
Dinah: Snickers, and those eyeballs candies. They are creepy.
Lauren: I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Your EP drops on Oct. 22! Tell us something about it to get your fans excited.
Ally: We're really looking forward to people hearing it, since the sound is different and you can hear the range and variety in our voices. We got to co-write other songs, too.