As the age-old adage goes, life is but a series of random memes.

Those memes also tend to stay put on the Internet. But every now and then, one highly sharable morsel of #content gets awkwardly dragged out into the real world — and the results are usually hilarious, perplexing and deeply disturbing all at once.

For enthusiasts of Oxygen Network's Bad Girls Club, you'll no doubt already be familiar with Season 2's Tanisha Thomas, who didn't get no sleep 'cause of y'all in 2008.

Somehow, Fifth Harmony fans realized that Tanisha's sing-songy, tray-banging line synced perfectly with the beat of the group's summer smash, "Worth It." And so, a mash-up was born on Vine, and 26 million loops later, it's now become a bonafide viral hit.

That's when things get real: Apparently the mash-up is so adored by Harmonizers (either that, or they all had a quick pow-wow to plan this stunt before the show), that the entire crowd sang the Tanisha Vine remix live at a Fifth Harmony concert.

Here now is evidence of this terrifying/amazing happening:

It's still unclear which show this is from (a helpful Harmonizer, can you ID?), but you can plainly hear a majority of the crowd singing Tanisha's infamous line. Judging by their faces, the ladies of 5H either had no idea what was going on...or remained blissfully unaware.

Internet: You're doing the most...even IRL.

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