Fifth Harmony have released a second song off their upcoming debut album, 'Reflection,' titled 'Them Girls Be Like.'

'Them Girls Be Like' is another catchy upbeat pop tune from the 'X Factor' winners that, like 'Bo$$,' celebrate girl empowerment. The track begins with the verse, "Do my ... look fat? (or nah?) / Should I call him back? (or nah?) / Wear my hair like that? (or nah?) / Do he make them stacks? (or nah?)"

The girls then throw in a Beyonce reference with the line, "Do you ever post your pics with no filter / Hashtag I woke up like this too" before proclaiming, "That's what we be like yeah / Lovin' this life cause we really don't care."

Click below to hear 'Them Girls Be Like' which debuted on MTV.


On Friday, Aug. 22, the band revealed that after criticism over their original album cover for 'Reflection,' the group decided to go with a new cover based on Harmonizers' feedback.

'Reflection' is set to be released on Nov. 17, 2014.