Back in April, Fifth Harmony blew us away with their cover of Rihanna's 'Stay' -- well, they've done it again, bigger and better!

5H kick off the third series of Billboard's 'Candid Covers' video series with their updated performance of RiRi's smash, and while the musical arrangement is essentially the same, it's amazing to see how far the girl group has come in only a few short months. Gone is the low-budget, grainy black-and-white clip and in comes the glitzy, colorful, professional production of superstars in the making. Each even has her own customized blinged-out microphone while sitting and crooning along with the acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Fifth Harmony have repeatedly shown their prowess in performing covers -- notably even dressing up as the covered the Spice Girls to sing 'Wannabe' for Halloween. But how do they choose what song to sing next? "What we do normally when we do our covers is we each find a song that represents each of us," Normani Kordei explains in the interview that accompanies the clip. "And my selection was 'Stay' by Rihanna, and I chose it because I just fell in love with it the moment I saw her perform it live. She captivated me and I couldn't stop watching. Plus, I think that the song shows a different side of her."

The girls also perform their single 'Miss Movin' On' in a second video filmed for Billboard. They also discuss what they do when they're apart -- including what they're NOT allowed to do. Dinah Jane reveals, "We have this rule whenever we're home to not text each other." The reason? So it's more special when they regroup.

Everyone together now: Awww.

Watch Fifth Harmony Perform 'Miss Movin' On' for Billboard