Fifth Harmony has joined the illustrious ranks of Britney Spears, Fergie and Hilary Duff — the "Worth It" quintet are officially Candie's girls, and they've just debuted a promotional music video.

Teen Choice Awards viewers saw plenty of promo for the ad last night (August 16), when a series of teaser commercials showed 5H ramping up to the main event. In the first spot, the girls discuss their enthusiasm for Candie's apparel over some milkshakes, and "spontaneously" come up with the idea for a musical ode to the brand. After singing some effortless harmonies around the table, Camila pays the soda shoppe employee by kissing the check. In Fifth Harmony's world, smooched-on objects are an acceptable form of currency.

The second clip sees them pawing wardrobe options backstage at the video set, while still harmonizing. The girls are like taller, super-hot versions of Snow White's dwarves here, always harmonizing while they work. The fivesome experiment with some hairbrush percussion rhythms in the third trailer. They ride a golf course (and Dinah Jane swipes a cute guy's hat) in the fourth.

The fifth trailer reveals the "Rock Your Candie's" video set, and then Fifth Harmony sneak into the room, whispering and carrying a director's slate. Are they making this video under the cover of secrecy? The concept is a little strange, but they look perfect. The song is accurate: They truly do rock their Candie's.

Everything comes together in the final product, as the girls deliver their extended jingle while bathed in the neon-Candie's-pink stage light. Lauren sings over one of the group's most effervescent harmonies to date, "Lookin' sweet-sweet in my Candies today / and there's nobody keepin' up with my shoe game." Their passion for rich melody and friendship is matched only by their love of stylish, affordable shoes.

What do you think of Fifth Harmony's new ad-slash-music video? How does it measure up against Britney Spears' own "spying on a jockey" Candie's ad of yesteryear? Let us know in the comments.

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