Filipino comic duo Moymoy Palaboy presents their crazy lip-synced version of Nikki Minaj's ubitiqious hit song 'Super Bass.' The Obeso brothers -- James Ronald and Rodfil -- are YouTube stars known for their bizarre videos of their renditions of popular songs.

For their 'Super Bass' video, the duo mimics the song's lyrics and emphasizes the "Boom, badoom, boom, boom" with their twisted faces and bulging eyeballs. Joining in on the fun is Filipina actress-singer Rhian Ramos, who does a fantastic job performing Minaj's spaced-out verses to a tee.

In addition to the comic team and Ramos, it also appears the brothers shot the video at their home as various family members, including aunt Mama Auntie, show up to give the guys some background bass.

As of press time, the video is close to garnering 1 million views and we can see why. It's a fun video to watch while you are on a lunch break. Nicki Minaj would be proud.

Watch the Moymoy Palaboy 'SUPER BASS with Rhian Ramos' Video