Good news, 'Finding Nemo' fans! According to ComicBookMovie, it looks like some details about the highly anticipated ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel — called ‘Finding Dory,’ of course — have finally been revealed.

At the Comic Con Experience Brazil, the president of Pixar, Jim Morris, spoke about the film, showed some unfinished scenes and artwork from the movie as well as demonstrated a brand new software that was developed by Pixar in order to digitally create schools of fish.

Apparently, the movie will tell the story of Dory’s origins. She and old pals Merlin and Nemo decide to find out just where Dory came from, as well as things about her past and her parents. The movie will supposedly take place mostly in the Marine Biology Institute of California, as Dory finds out she was born and raised there before being taken to the ocean where she was ultimately released into the wild.

Those are the only details we’ve been able to gather so far, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more! As of right now ‘Finding Dory’ is slated for a June 17, 2016 release, so it’s a little ways away, but we’re stoked nonetheless!